Left or Right! Which is Right!

I have written about absence of standards in Measures. Similar or perhaps more profound is the lack of a worldwide standard in driving.

I am not talking about speed limits or rules on drunken driving. The subject is, which side of the driving is right.

Those who drive on the right side of the road say the right is driving on the right.

But then the vehicle steering is on the left and the opposite siders say we sit on the right side to drive.

Right is right or left is right, we’re faced with a dilemma here. We talk about many things without borders, but you can’t drive through to another country where the driving is on the other side.

It’s not about the ability to adjust and drive, but legally it may not be allowed to drive a vehicle with controls in the wrong side.

It’s difficult to bring in uniformity as the existing vehicles are not suitable for that. Then we talk about being in a vicious cycle!

Then think about this, my car has the side indicator lever on the left and my wife’s car, made in the same country has the indicator lever on the right.

And when I use either, the chances of operating the wiper blades are high when I want to give a signal to turn left or right.

Some wonderful planning from the beginning of time!!!

Left or Right! Which is Right!

8 thoughts on “Left or Right! Which is Right!

    1. Indeed.
      We drive on the left in India. And I moved to Philippines which drive on the right, then HongKong which was back to left and London which is left.
      And the next move to kuwait was driving on the right.

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  1. N says:

    But then who is going to convince nations to change their side to match others…. logic and greater good often leave the building when the false pride comes into the picture.

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