Costco and Sams’ Club

These membership based, almost whole selling retail outlets are very popular among the US households.

Consumers are treated with handsome discounts when they shop at these outlets. The only small rider I have seen is that one has to buy fairly large quantities.

But then, for people who stay in areas purely residential and for those working families, weekly bulk purchasing is the norm.

I like wandering in these stores, and the items usually purchased for bringing back to India are substantial quantities of walnuts, dried cranberries, traditional biscotti, instant coffee and sometimes chocolates.

There’s another interesting thing happening. These large stores have many stations giving sample food. These include sandwiches, several small snacks and even drinks.

Actually one can have a stomach full of delicious samples and I must have spotted some planned sample tasting. No questions asked, no dirty looks. After all more footfalls mean more sales. Should be!

Costco and Sams’ Club

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