Happy New Year and New Year Resolutions.

Christmas season is also about a lot of food and cakes and the new year coming in within a week has the hangover of celebrations.

Probably, this is one reason why we have a lot of enthusiasm about new year resolutions.

Working out and healthy eating thus occupy prominent positions in most resolutions.

I have also similar challenges. My strict exercise regimen suffered a setback with Mauritius holiday in November, a cough on return and the current US family get-together.

Strangely, I didn’t work out a resolution. Perhaps it’s quite obvious. Or, I hope this is true, the year 2018 had been good!

There are quite a few things flowing smoothly into the new year. Some projects are medium term and quite ambitious.

And then the people. I am richer with many more people touching my life beautifully. And it’s my duty to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful company.

If I have to make a resolution, it’s a commitment that I will continue to do things to enhance and enjoy the precious friendship with each one of you and to look for new friends to grow the fraternity.

Happy New Year dear friends. Wish you all success and happiness in the New Year.

Happy New Year and New Year Resolutions.

29 thoughts on “Happy New Year and New Year Resolutions.

  1. Richer with people around you – A nice way of looking at life! btw, the exercise regimen at my end has suffered big time but now hopefully has got back on track and I hope the same at your end too. Wishing you a very happy new year.

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