Like Myself…..Actually Love πŸ’–

I am a sincere follower on WordPress for you guys. Of late I am quite attracted to poetry and follow some poets more than ardently.

After falling in love with poetry, I started even producing a few of my own. And I am grateful to you for encouraging me, in spite of all the flaws.

Then there are some, who I admire, poets, prose writers and both who sometimes talk about ‘love yourself’ as the first and foremost.

I have decided to try that. I like me, but never thought about loving me.

And like all stupid guys, first thing coming to my mind is to look good so that I can love me.

Otherwise, all are okay, like I have a beautiful mind (say yes please) etc etc, and of course age is just a number πŸ˜‰

Looks, well I am good looking, but can be better. And the steps are

1. Solve the receding hair by shaving them off

2. Build muscles and tone the body by:

a) Yoga

b) strength training and pull-up bars

c) swimming

d) some adjustments in food, not much 😊

e) use the trimmer at point 1 to remove chest hair etc.

f) use special trimmer for removing hair in the nose and any on ears.

(What if there’s no six pack; it’s looking toned up and really good 😜)

I think now I am ready to love me.❀️

Interested in joining? VERY VERY WELCOME 😊

Like Myself…..Actually Love πŸ’–

12 thoughts on “Like Myself…..Actually Love πŸ’–

      1. May be… but when you are loving the β€˜new you’, it gives an indication that you pretty much do not love the β€˜actual you’.

        Have a good time!

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      2. Haahaha Indira. At any rate all these work out in the name of new look is perhaps what I could hope for. Or perhaps your objection is very valid 😊


  1. shaving the head is great, bald is better! Leave the chest hair … it’s really about loving who you are inside. Letting your good heart shine out and the physical takes a back seat as we all love a good kind intelligent person no matter the age πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so so much Kate.
      To tell you some background, when I was young with plenty of hair, I fancied getting a six pack and shaving the hair. The hair agreed.
      Now that I am doing some real workout, I am getting toned muscles if not six pack. And the muscles look good in the mirror without chest hair.
      But the important message is in your comment. A good heart is most important.
      Thank you πŸ™ 😊

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    2. I am so overwhelmed by your comment and hence my new post β€˜importance of being here’. I still have a smile on my face after reading your loving comment πŸ’–


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