Importance of Being Here…..

We are a strong family in this WordPress site. The family members are mostly known to each other only through what one writes here, but we know the bond is too strong and amazing.

It’s often said that such online connections are fake and real friends and real life are more important. That’s true!

NO, wait, I said that for the sake of saying and that may not be correct, BECAUSE I have more serious friends, many of who I don’t know their whereabouts. But many of you are closer and loving to me than the good physical friends I have.

But when a physical friend is a true friend, he will be here on WordPress for you. That means I have many more real friends here.

And we care! I get more advices, suggestions, recommendations and guidance from this group than what I could get anywhere. I have an author sending me her book, autographed by surface mail across the oceans.

I have a friend suggesting me to keep chest hair when I wrote on shaving it off. Her opinion ‘what’s inside you is what people love you for’ πŸ’–

You can write your mind, prose and poetry and the messages are understood and acknowledged. And more importantly, you can learn much more cute things here than from anywhere else.

You like some people more, and that’s quite natural. But when one of them says that she’s planning to quit WordPress, your feeling is like losing someone dear. I hope nothing like that will happen. We need each other, and we’re here to make this a better place πŸ’“

Importance of Being Here…..

29 thoughts on “Importance of Being Here…..

  1. True… we get good friends here too, though virtual. But, as in real world, we have fake friends here as well…. who follow us to get comments and likes for their posts and not/never reciprocating!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Good observation Indira. Ideally a group of us with a somewhat common view would make it a point to support each other. Of course it’s hard to continue without some reciprocity.
      As for real life friends, when asked to join, some of them say that they have no time. Perhaps they don’t have time in real life also. I have real friends who read all my posts but choose not to contribute. They come to me directly on relevant items.
      And by the way I have not seen your posts recently. Or is it that I have to modify my search criteria 😊

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  2. My friends at the gym read my blog and tell me about what they like when I go there. I enjoy the friends I get to know in both places. I too miss people when they disappear without a trace.

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    1. I think i should have you in my β€˜cooking Exotica and fitness’ group. Though whatsapp group, being a broadcast group, participants won’t know each other. Only I will know who all are in the group. And any reply will come only to me.. privacy is totally assured.
      My number is +91 9400056031. Either connect on my number or give me your whatsapp number


      1. Oh … that’s wonderful of you to consider me so. But presently I haven’t been using WhatsApp due to certain reasons. But I’m sure glad you offered so brilliantly. And I’ll sure contact when I feel the need. Thanks JK.πŸ˜‡β€

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