Power of Poetry…..

I used to skip poetry as i believed that i didn’t have the skills to read, write or appreciate in this highly skilled arena.

Then I started reading them, perhaps in line with my nature of encouraging people. That’s when it happened.

I am now totally hooked to poetry. It comes from the heart of the poet. But the interesting thing is that you get a meaning from it in line with the state of affairs of your own heart.

That makes one fall in love with poetry and poet. So far so good.

Then you get an urge to attempt to write your own poetry. That’s a paradigm shift. You start believing in passion. When you write, your heart starts telling your readers in many languages and meanings.

And you start reading other’s poetry assigning your own meaning. See, falling in love with a poet is easy when your heart says that the poet is talking to you.

There are some, of course, who does that. They are the best. Some good ones pretend you don’t exist. But in your heart of hearts you know that those words are for you. That’s what your heart is telling you.

Now imagine a situation when a daydreamer gets hooked to poetry. That’s destruction. That’s like a giant volcano erupting and hot lava flowing passionately.

And think of the self styled Walter Mitty getting interested. You have to save him…..

Power of Poetry…..

16 thoughts on “Power of Poetry…..

  1. Sohair says:

    Great topic Kurian….poetry is a popular art to most people but we have to know also that most poets talk about imaginary things only in their minds….
    Have a great day dear..

    Liked by 1 person

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