Bangalore Days…..

Going to Bangalore for a few days on some work. One way ticket booked as return is flexible till the 21st when a meeting is fixed in Kerala.

Looking forward to meeting some of the friends and some get-togethers. There are a couple of business items also planned.

This time we’re taking the flight and not driving as it’s the state election time.

I am amused at a travel advisory against carrying currency. ‘Don’t get caught as a suspect bribing voters’

Must use the Facebook check-in to inform friends of the arrival.

Anybody listening here, come let’s meet…..

Bangalore Days…..

3 thoughts on “Bangalore Days…..

  1. Now I can relate to your earlier post. Have a nice time in the city Sir. Hope you enjoy stay. Jayanagar, Malleswaram have good eating joints serving the local population

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