Knick Knack Snacks …..

In Bangalore, I don’t see a single desirable snacks or small eats outlet like the many tea shops and thattukadas in Kerala.

Bangalore of course is a paradise for eating out, pubs and fine dining. But I don’t want to go back there except for entertaining people or for company.

But a good quality, tasty small eating joint is something of a bliss. The place though is full of these Adigas, roadside mobile eateries and the like and if it’s not to my taste, it’s my fault, my fault and my big fault.

Alternative is to make something and gorge on fruits

Eat to live or live to eat.

There’s a choice though…..

Knick Knack Snacks …..

8 thoughts on “Knick Knack Snacks …..

  1. Well Sir, Bangalore has customized itself to the tunes of the varied population that visits it. There are certain parts of Bangalore where one would get the local favorites. We do visit them often to get the flavor of the old Bangalore that is somewhere lost

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    1. Thank you Indira.
      And welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the vacation.
      In fact I was worried, missing seeing you here. As you know our friend has moved out and I miss the Malayalam chats
      Well, Happy days here and do be in touch. And show what the third eye has captured 😊

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