Why I Love Poetry…..

Perhaps you’ll love poetry! But I have to say that now, because I always thought I don’t understand and can’t appreciate poetry.

Now it’s different. I can now listen to poetry, I understand what it tells me, and I am happy what I listen.

Poet can take control of you. Best thing to do is to surrender.

The most important gain from poetry is passion. You will be filled with passion which can sometimes make you think. Especially when you think that you’re unworthy of the poem or poet.

Remember, poet takes control of you and reads your mind.

The reassurance comes ‘love has no qualifications’

Now the challenge is to put this love into poetry. To sing, listen and love.

Why I Love Poetry…..

25 thoughts on “Why I Love Poetry…..

  1. Sreepriya Menon says:

    Even I didn’t know what poetry meant, but now as I write, the chords I string my words into became a poetry to the world. Even when I never knew, how to put half the things I write at times.

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    1. Thank you Priya for visiting my post and gracing it. Now I understand poetry better and how you the best in class produce them. I am a big fan of your works and will remain so, but with a better understanding. And clearly it’s beautiful. Thank You 😊


      1. It’s always a pleasure. And it’s really generous of you to be checking out my poetry. Sure you can find my poetry here on WordPress itself, just click on my icon or the name – thewiltingflowerblog πŸ’œ
        Im glad to see you make such efforts.

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      2. Aww …… that’s really so lovely of you. πŸ’œ Thanks a million dear for being such wonderful reader. And I loved being your follower as well…. your write ups are really brilliant. And I’m looking ahead to read more of yours ..hope you keep posting all the good work. And thanks a million for all the appreciation. I’m obliged.πŸ’ŒπŸ’œπŸ˜‡πŸ’–

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