Resistance Training…… Importance

Including resistance workout in the schedule as we grow older has been stressed always. And I have heard that muscle waste happens for inactive muscles, the process getting accelerated in older people.

Then there are messages that resistance workout can prolong healthy life span etc.

A recent Harvard study talks about a new thing (at least for me). It says that the lost muscles are sort of replaced by fat. And that’s the main reason why older people get slower and slower.

Then that’s also a good incentive to include resistance into the workout schedule.

There are multiple advantages also. Building such muscles helps in burning fat faster when exercising. Energy for sedentary people come from burning muscles along with fat. Those who have aerobic exercises in their schedule burns fat but also some muscles.

But those who include resistance workout in their schedule will see the energy coming from burning fat and not muscles.

I am not sure if I have all the facts properly captured, but do include weights and other resistance workouts in the schedule.

Resistance Training…… Importance

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