Yoga is good and I have been wanting to do it for sometime. Finally we have fixed a schedule with a yoga master and will start the training.

My initial impression of yoga, when I was much more flexible with my body, was that of keeping the legs crossed the yogi way. And that I thought would be not possible.

And then I realised that yoga is much more and that you can choose what you want to do. By that time there were other interests including different ways of keeping fit.

Perhaps yoga is like Ayurveda for medicines. There’s no side effects while there could be many good effects.

Learning the simple art of breathing correctly is in itself a plus.

And I hope to derive some benefits in doing yoga along with my wife who will be my co-trainee for the yoga master who is also a specialist in murma (pressure points).

Look forward to the Sessions


28 thoughts on “Yoga……Finally

  1. Yoga is the #1 exercise to me. Though it can be very streniuos, sometimes, just watch out for your pain points in your body and compensate for different poses. I have adapted a few simple poses, yet perfect for back issues, I do in bed before getting up and I swear that my body is craving for it by now.
    Happy Yoga to you and don’t forget to breathe

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  2. theexplorer says:

    Good luck on your yoga journey! But if you are having a hard time looking for yoga instructors, I suggest this site where you can even find a free session to find the right yoga for you. Hope this helps. And you can visit my blog for different types of yoga you can choose from

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