Vishnu Kani and Vishu Kaineettam. ( Repost- original post on 14 April 2016

I got up this morning at the sound of the alarm. It’s very early in the morning but it’s not a hassle as it is to go to what I call ‘pallikoodam. 
Pallikoodam is the name we used for the primary school that we go when we are small. The child in me call the office pallikoodam. There is at least one thing in common, I liked going to pallikoodam and I like going to office.
Pallikoodam for the many traditional games with friends and office for the many good friends virtual and in person. See, the studies and work are secondary and quite justifiable as it’s the other things that last in memory- fondly so. 
When I was small we used to celebrate all festivals and Vishu was one of the most prominent. I had song ‘kanikanum neram… on lips and wanted to show Sunu vishukani when I got up. The alarm in fact made her turn.
But I didn’t keep kanikonna, manja vellary, coconut etc in the uruli. So the next best option; opened iPhone for the best konna poov. Sunu called me and I turned and thrust the phone image towards her, only to see her phone with the konna poov displayed coming at me.
That made both of us very happy. My happiness was so visible and Sunu wondered loudly if it was due to her leaving for USA in the evening and I get to be a grass widower again. I want to be diplomatic and won’t answer!!!
I am in office now. And evening invitation for Vishu sadya is the most desirable. 
I like to get up in the morning and go to office and I like to return in the evening to the loved ones.
There’s more responsibility on Vishu day to be completed.
I have a story when we were in the CR Hostel of Pala St.Thomas college which I fondly remember. This was a Vishu Kani prank where close friends ‘Kothazham brothers’ were involved. On Vishu eve they were going to second show (late night) movie and I got to know their plan through a leak.
They would come back few minutes past mid night and knock at my door and show me their Vishu Kani.
CR Hostel has old rooms and one can get in through the window by removing the wooden bars. Kothazham brothers came back and entered (as expected) Ouseppachan’s room (RIP Dear Ouseppachan).
They opened the room to change and with plans to come to my room. Switched on the light and found me with my vishukani perched on the wooden study table. Oh my God!
Sorry, but then these pranks give lifelong fond memories.

Vishnu Kani and Vishu Kaineettam. ( Repost- original post on 14 April 2016

2 thoughts on “Vishnu Kani and Vishu Kaineettam. ( Repost- original post on 14 April 2016

  1. Happy Vishu! Didn’t know you are South Indian. My parents are from Chennai so we speak Tamil. Today’s Tamil New Year for us so it’s nice to embrace the Indian culture here, being an Indian American. My uncle lives in Kerala so he’s told me a lot of lovely things about the Mallu culture 🙂

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