Lockdown Fitness!

I am now stuck in Bangalore during the lockdown and travel restrictions. Of course the Bangalore trip was planned and we have a complete set up here. Almost!

One item missing is a weighing scale. Of course, the focus of intermittent fasting is not weight loss, but the other numerous benefits including immunity booster; But I enjoyed getting on the scale everyday and see the weight. And it gives happiness when the weight is going down.

The situation is different now. When I came to Bangalore, I was thinking about the luxury access to Olympic size 50 meters swimming pool which we don’t have in Kochi. And the gym, though second only to the Kochi one, is still very good.

With swimming and gymming closed and with restrictions on walking, the only solitude is yoga.

Here of course, we have three yoga mats but I brought only one yoga track suit. The intention was to use one of the two swimming trunks I brought with me on other days.

Though the weighing scale is not there, the readings will climb if I am not careful. So it’s yoga on one mat, Pranayama and breathing exercises on the second and the third for some stretching workout or even Tik Tok! Why not.

The underlining principle is that ‘weight, once goes up, doesn’t come down’.

Yo Newton!

Lockdown Fitness!

6 thoughts on “Lockdown Fitness!

    1. Kurian says:

      Haha, true!
      But gives me an idea! I can practice the strokes/style holding breath to enhance the lung power.
      Just registered for the world masters swimming competition in Japan in May 2021

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