Toilet Rolls. Something to Fight For!

Probably the first signs of any riot in the virus led scare was in the scrambling for toilet rolls!

The attached New York Times article talks about it. It’s a long one but I think it finds out that water is a better cleaner, wet wipes better than coarse rolls and bidets are useful sanitary fittings.

Indians increasingly fit hand faucets in their toilets. And we didn’t see any ‘tissue wars’ here.

Personally, I have gone for bidets with three of our four (five including the one for domestic help if we go for one) washrooms. And like most indian homes there are hand faucets in all. We also keep toilet rolls.

Like i said, bidet is my personal preference, though hand faucet could do the job just as well and saves space.

Perhaps this is not a good choice of a subject when we are reeling under the devastating impact of a virus.

But washing is the new trending subject. The best defence against the virus is washing with soap or sanitizer, several times and especially before touching your face. And wash for full 20 seconds or more.

So hand washing would be the biggest revolutionary change going forward. It could save billions on healthcare and make people healthy. Simple but very true.

And we may see a debate on toilet rolls! Or just that people would allocate space in houses to hoard six month’s supply!

Toilet Rolls. Something to Fight For!

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