It’s Easier And It Works Better In Group!

I am talking about Intermittent Fasting and it’s benefits. Most people, like me, start on the basic 16.8 program. That’s 16 hours of fasting with the remaining 8 hours as eating window.

We see significant benefits and like all good things, the progress gets stunted. And there’s no further reduction in weight, though the overall benefits lingers.

Well, this is blog is about doing in groups. We have a small group connected as a broadcast group on whatsapp. It’s already working well.

Being a whatsapp group, the members don’t know each other and a privacy is maintained. Except that, me as admin has an overall view.

We have a collection of valuable videos and articles on the subject. These are mostly contributions from members which I repost on the group as contribution from a fellow, member, without giving the name of the member.

And I sent all these valuable information to any new entrant to the group.

In fact, I shared this morning, my interaction with a doctor who lost 14 kgs with a year adopting a 20.4 fasting schedule. There are tips to sustain such prolonged fasting hours in a manageable fashion.

More the merrier, and everyone benefits from contributions and experiences of others.

I am happy to invite those who are interested in the group, to send the whatsapp number to my mail or my whatsapp number +91 9400056031.

It’s Easier And It Works Better In Group!

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