Choosing The Right Platform

I have a whatsapp broadcast group ‘ Cooking Exotica & Fitness’ with its maximum 256 members. There I post my cooking and fitness experiments.

Yesterday we were distributing some bananas which we got when we visited my brother in our hometown. These are special as they are grown organic and hence in demand.

A neighbor is traveling with family and we ended up with some extra bananas and I decided to do something with it and made this yummy banana bread.

The normal thing is to post on the group, but there’s a problem. Over a period, the number of people responding to my posting have shrunk.

We except a response to a whatsapp message and when it’s not as expected, it’s better not to bother people.

But it’s different here and on Facebook and on Instagram. The connections can decide whether to see or respond. That’s clearly an advantage.

Hence I am posting a food related item here. And, coming to think of it, I just read a recipe for an authentic dim sum.

It’s not easy, and I have to get the right ingredients and appropriate vessels and caskets.

Perhaps something to try, as authentic dim sum is so good and rare.

Choosing The Right Platform

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