Six Packs! Why It Needn’t Be Impossible.

I took a photo of me in the mirror after a workout session, flexing my abdomen muscles. And ‘Walla’ I could see them in the background!!

I had sort of given up on my younger years dream. Well there were many and the related one included well developed muscles, six packs, black and skin tight T shirt and shaved head.

Of course I achieved one of them, and that’s about the head.

Well, now the six pack and some muscles are a possibility. Let me rephrase, they may not be impossible.

Why the picture on the mirror is not here? Well that’s shirtless.

Am I sufficiently shy ☺️

Perhaps next time. But it’s a bit too early to go for that dream T shirt.

Six Packs! Why It Needn’t Be Impossible.

25 thoughts on “Six Packs! Why It Needn’t Be Impossible.

  1. Haha….KJ. I absolutely loved your enthusiasm and this post. You knw what, u should pursue ur dream and visions u had for urself and we are ardently waiting for the pic of urs in that black skin tight T-shirt showing off ur six pack. And i knw that day is not far off…… Hehe😁

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      1. Oh dear Good Lord…… U patronise me too much KJ. But I am glad if I am in any way a motivation to you. But guiding, it’s way beyond….. KJ. You take good care of urself and your lovely better half too. Have a wonderful day ahead….

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