Pilots of the Plane

Last night’s flight by Indigo Airlines from Chennai to Kochi had it’s own drama.

These days the airlines are struggling to maintain an ‘on time’ record and passengers are bundled into the aircraft some half an hour before departure.

Likewise we were all in, and after sometime the pilot announced that the first officer was delayed in his flight from New Delhi to Chennai in a competitor airline Spicejet.

Some food were rushed in to the ‘no frills’ flight, but what really made the passengers quiet was some interesting steps by the pilot. He invited passengers to visit the cockpit and in batches half the aircraft took his tour offer.

The first officer arrived one full hour late to the applause of the passengers. I think the pilot made him turn around and wave at us.

Then during the flight a different voice announced himself as captain and gave routine information without an apology.

That means the one who was in early was the CO-pilot and the ‘late’ captain didn’t have his tact.

And when we disembarked, it was the early pilot who stood outside the cabin to bid good bye to us.

Kudos to this guy who beautifully handled the situation and saved the skin of the late pilot.

Pilots of the Plane

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