A Few Words From You

I am usually guilty of keeping a blank mind and literally letting what comes through one ear to go through the other, while listening to church sermons on Sundays.

Something caught my attention yesterday when the young priest narrated the story of a teacher asking an unruly class to do something.

She asked the each one in the class to write about each of the other students in the class. She spend time to compile the comments for each student and handed them the sheet with the comments for each student.

She could see many moist eyes and silence and smiles when the students read what others thought about them.

Many years later there was an alumni gathering and there were wrinkled, folded and opened many times, sheets of paper. It was a solemn occasion when eyes were moist and the teacher getting hugs from them whispering that it was the best thing ever happened to them.

I am just thinking, what if each one of us blog friends write one or two things about each other! And it get compiled for each of us.

I think it will be the best challenge, best award and it will be just priceless.

A Few Words From You

22 thoughts on “A Few Words From You

    1. Thank you so much Sneha. Actually these are the few words which could transform our lives. The sentiment is mutual Sneha. Take care.
      Good morning 🌻🌸🌻🌸

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    1. Good idea Kate. I can’t just refuse you, as I regard you so high in my friendship chart. The question is, am I capable? You know I am too lazy, not even able to take up the challenges etc.
      Give me some ideas Kate, and let me do penance for avoiding your challenges.

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      1. nobody is impelled to do any challenges at all Kurian and I never mind .. blogging should always be a pleasure!

        But as you have made a very worthwhile suggestion it seems logical that you follow through on your own idea … if not it’s words to ponder and maybe someone else will have the motivation and energy? It’s a great idea 🙂

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