I will be Obliged to Hear From You

My post ‘a Few Words From You’ has made a few of our friends suggesting to do it among ourselves.

That is, write a brief on how we regard and think of each other. Compile them into a precious document for each.

I hope I can get comments on me onto a specific post dedicated for the purpose. But how can I compile one for each one of you to include comments from everyone.

I will be happy to hear your suggestions for this.

If necessary, kindly read my previous post again to understand the details of this plan.

I will treasure the compiled remarks and intend to frame it and keep with me.

A very happy thought indeed

I will be Obliged to Hear From You

12 thoughts on “I will be Obliged to Hear From You

  1. I don’t know you, yet I feel I have known you since childhood…. I identify with you as I too have traveled a bit, and that at the end of the day, you are a tru-blue Mallu… I am jealous of you as you still travel, but my travel boots have been hung for personal reasons. Lastly, your words always tell a story!

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