The Kind Gaze From Heaven

I’m not a sinner, but they call it sin

For me it’s, an expression of reverence

It’s just beautiful, to think about a goddess

And wait for some blessings, soulfully kind

It’s not this world, the world of my genre

That’s home for a goddess, it’s up above

Only thing for me menial, is to look up in hope

There’s no guarantee, that a gaze finds Devi

So it’s in resignation, that I approached night

At the stroke of midnight, night’s still young

But eyes are bleary, ready for a nap

White light, blue on, eyes bright, red lips

Don’t sleep you human, I saw your gaze

You’re my favourite, stay with me for a while

Do you get my love, rarest of the rare

I do I do, tonight and forever

The Kind Gaze From Heaven

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