Electric Coconut Scraper

I used my new electric machine for making my usual virgin coconut oil.

This is then a personal review of the machine. For more information please take a look at the respective manufacturers documents.

I find the machine a bit dangerous and advise caution when using it. The automation is only on the blades turning at a uniform speed and the success depends on how carefully and skilfully you can keep the coconut in place.

Any lack of concentration or position can cause serious damage as the machine can’t differentiate between coconut and human fingers.

You need to be extremely careful while scrapping the edges as there is chance of slipping and exposing the fingers.

Always use reasonably well shaped and not cracked coconuts. Use firm grip and let the coconut go out of your hands in case of any slippage.

A friend suggested use of gloves. It may do good but the blades may still cut it.

I didn’t use any and I didn’t get any cuts. But I used skills from using manual machines and absolute concentration.

Overall a great innovation and makes the process simpler. So I should agree on the Amazon rating of 3.5/5

For further details any, please ask

Electric Coconut Scraper

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