Personal Grooming……

When I had a lot of hair, I was thinking of acquiring the six pack and shaped muscles and then shave off the hair to have that macho look.

There’s 50% success with that dream, the hair is practically gone, but the six pack remains an illusion.

Hair cutting is becoming a bit of an issue, not for me, but the barber has to work hard to find the hair to cut. Well, I also have a problem, hate that smug look on the guy, next in line for the cut, as if saying ‘what the heck!’.

So I shopped well in Florida.

Wahl is an efficient cutter and my wife finds it interesting to move it all over my head.

BioSwiss is a cute little thing which painlessly removes hair in the nose. This is important as any stray white one inside may be misconstrued as something else.

It also removes any sprouting of wisdom on the ears.

And don’t forget the six pack!

It’s still in the agenda……

Personal Grooming……

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