My First Bread……

I used my new Breadmaker and baked my first whole wheat bread.

All recipes have ‘maida’ – the refined flour or white flour as ingredient.

I will be happy if someone can give me a recipe where the refined flower is replaced with some other healthy flour to go with whole wheat or the like and rise and prove well with yeast in the making process.

My First Bread……

12 thoughts on “My First Bread……

  1. Look good . I make whole wheat bread at home Kurian, using the traditional kneading and baking. They are very tasty but the only difference is they are more denser compared to the white refined flour. Just reduced the measure of flour a little while using whole wheat flour. It should come out fine I guess.

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    1. ഹാവൂ എനിക്കു എറ്റവും വെണ്ടിയ സർട്ടിഫികേറ്റ്‌ കിട്ടി. വളരെ സന്തൊഷം 😊😁🙏


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