Dream Series……Resumes

Walter Mitty is the best day dreamer. His dreams are always good and most adventurous. And I am the self styled Walter Mitty.

Then I must be writing about the Walter Mitty like day dreams.

Probably I have a structure for this fiction like true stories.

For a first I have this mentee who’s a great writing talent, and who can dream. I have just invited her to write here so that stories can be shared, albeit anonymously.

Then I have the stone which is taken from none other than the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality- Aphrodite. The stone is from her rock in Paphos, Cyprus.

And the ‘stone ritual’. This is super special, when the ritual is told and collection of stone directed to be collected from her own stone by Aphrodite herself.

Then there are others like the coach.

Good question is ‘what about negative characters?’.

Well they are there. But have we ever seen Walter Mitty negative, except in some rare scenes with the boss!

Just ignore them and dreams become beautiful and worth many stories……

Dream Series……Resumes

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