Weekend……the Missing Excitement.

Weekends are welcome. Rest, gatherings, lesser traffic etc are eagerly awaited and welcomed.

On that count, it’s difficult to find anything less exciting during a weekend compared to other days.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones to get excited at meeting and being around a lovely co-worker, you still want a weekend to feel that pangs of separation. And again, you have heard that distance makes heart grow fonder……

Then why I am I feeling as if something is missing.

No, that’s not a true poser! I know.

The stock market is closed on weekends.

I can’t monitor the indices, every now and then, and count the money by logging into ‘Equitymaster’ to view my stock value and my portfolio manager to see how the mutual fund returns are in percentage.

Hmm, I have to wait till Monday for the excitement again……

Weekend……the Missing Excitement.

6 thoughts on “Weekend……the Missing Excitement.

    1. Hello Asha. I am just mentioning the absence of stock market activity. I do a comparison of movements of the bourse vs. my portfolio to get a feeling that my investments are doing better than the market. Luckily it’s the case now and hope it will continue. Just for the fun sake.


    1. True. Actually my post is just to mention that the stock markets are closed on weekends and my excitement of comparing the bourse percentage movements vs. Movements of my portfolio. Just for fun

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