Air Fryer and Banana Fritters……

One of the most popular snack delicacy of Kerala is the ‘pazham pori’ (banana fritters).

We had some ripened Kerala banana at home and one look at the Air Fryer gave the idea.

Deep fried in oil, the fritters are enjoyed, but with some regrets. We often see people using paper tissues, desperately trying to squeeze out the deep fried oil.

The traditional batter has rice powder mixed with some maida. Maida of refined wheat is not considered very healthy and I decided to use fresh fibrous wheat powder instead. The mixture then made into the batter with some skimmed milk.

And I did another innovation. To add some majja (excitement) included some crushed almonds and kismis to the batter.

15 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade and another five minutes on the other side produced this delicious fritters fried without oil.

Using fresh wheat flower (atta) appears to be an accidental discovery. When I published this to my whatsapp Broadcast Group, I got some feedback of batter dripping down into the tray and some unsuccessful outcomes.

Well then the fresh atta may help making some sticky batter (patent-Kurian).

The plate got empty in no time, between Sunu (my wife) and me. Enjoyed without the guilty feeling of deep frying in oil.


Air Fryer and Banana Fritters……

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