Healthy Cooking …… Experience Counts

AirFryer gave the idea of another healthy food choice, vegetable cutlets.

When you choose vegetables for cutlets, you won’t like to fry them in oil.

So the AirFryer was out once more.

Well it was not that simple as I thought it would be. Looking back I should be amused by the comedy of errors.

I had beetroot, potato, carrot and raw banana for main ingredients. Pressure cooked all together and proceeded to mash the boiled output to see that the potato and carrot got over cooked and the required rolling into balls was not possible.

The inexperienced has many options and there came 100% atta (wheat) and the balls formed. Application of whipped egg holding powdered bread crumbs made the cutlet form.

Of course some finely chopped onions, green chilies, crushed fresh ginger, pepper, turmeric, chilly and garam masala powders were sautéed separately in a frying pan.

The rolled, egg dipped and crump coated cutlets went into the AirFryer set to fry for 15 minutes.

Oh my God, it’s six minutes into frying that I noticed the frying pan sitting idle with the sautéed items.

Recovery step again, took the frying cutlets out, operated on on side with a knife, stuffed the masala inside and pressed back into cutlet shape, back into AirFryer for healthy oil free frying.

You may wonder about salt. Yes that was almost another goof up. But I remembered just before rolling into shape and dipping in egg and coating with bread crumbs.

When Sunu came to taste, she had a good laugh and suggested bread instead of atta for the consistency. She approved the innovatively recovered Air fried healthy vegetables cutlets.

Experience counts……

Healthy Cooking …… Experience Counts

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