Pineapple Cutting…… Not a Challenge Anymore……

I love this new gadget for cutting pineapple. What comes out are perfect pineapple rings without the hostile thorns, known locally as pineapple eyes.

A great additional incentive for me is the handling of the stem, the central hard part, colloquially christened ‘koonji’. I love to eat this like munching sugar cane and I believe that it’s healthy and full fibre.

The koonji is sucked in the central part of the gadget and I ate it like a stick ice cream or a fruit candy. Yum πŸ‘….

In addition to any use with some perfect pineapple rings, it went very well with an avacado and ice cubes in my ‘Nutribullet’ for a perfect smoothy. No added sugar/ honey or milk. And i loved the healthy option.

For a story on this, traditional Malayalee housewifes acquire a unique skill of cutting pineapple with a continuous spiralling line cut, taking out the thorns or the pineapple eyes. A relation with a massive ancestral tharavad house hosts international tourists on way to Kerala high ranges for lunch which is fully booked for the next three years. 

By the way the lunch hosting cost the tourists Rs. 5,000 pax, which was $100 equivalent when she fixed the price last. Arguably the most expensive lunch in Kerala.

And the most popular, after lunch item is cutting pineapple the traditional way. Well….

Of course, for this gadget, the pineapple need to be of a minimum size as this simple device has no adjustment to the blade radius.

I love it 😍 

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Pineapple Cutting…… Not a Challenge Anymore……

25 thoughts on “Pineapple Cutting…… Not a Challenge Anymore……

    1. Really cool Niharika, try and get one. And if you do, please be careful when holding the pineapple and make sure that your hand is not at the place where the blades are. They are very sharp and may come out if the pineapple is small.
      Otherwise great idea for a gadget.
      Good morning 😊

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    1. Thank you Anshu
      And when you get the gadget, please make sure that the fingers will not be in the area where the pineapple is sliced through. The blade is very sharp.
      Of course enjoy and share experience 😊

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