Air Cooled Kerala……

The only thing which people talk about with a bit of annoyance is the humid tropical weather of Kerala.

And I like the rainy season the best. Its raining heavily for the past two days and the entire place is like air cooled and lovely.

I am happily sucking out the beauty of the rain from my kochi home balcony. But there’s a place where I grew up and I want to go there and be one with the stream in front of our house in Thidanad.

The flowing river used to be perennial but sadly assumes the might only in the rainy season now.

Today we have the Onam celebrations in our building and I should get to the river sooner for my favourite swim in my favourite river.

Thidanad, I rate high among the green and pristine places in Kerala with air quality ranking among the best in the world.

Here are some pictures of the place, giving fond memories. 

our land is on the right side. Left is the side of the road and we have a bridge built to get into our land and my father’s house.

And the balcony in Kochi, the best place to watch the rain….

Air Cooled Kerala……

27 thoughts on “Air Cooled Kerala……

      1. Any shopping plans in Cochin?
        Jayalakshmi for sarees and Goodwill for artificial jewellery and gismos. Don’t miss both. You will be amazed at the bargain price and the variety and quality.

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      2. Oh, I forgot the most important item. There’s a mesmerising scenery in Munnar happening once in 12 years. It’s flowering of ‘Neelakkurinji’ a very rare blue carpeted flower. You are lucky and make sure that it’s included in the itenary. I read that it has started the bloom and I myself am planning a visit. Happy viewing of this historic beauty display πŸ‘

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      1. I’ve been busy busy like a bee. Oh, I would love to visit believe me. Maybe some day when my son is older… But my husband will be there in December. He’s a plenary speaker at a conference. Speak to you soon.

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