The Power Of Routine In Strong Discipline!

We would naturally assume that the mundane and routine chores are boring.

But there’s at least one area where a repetitive routine is a better way to be vividly positive and strongly disciplined.

This one is from experience. For a healthy workout to supplement Intermittent fasting, I do yoga and suryanamaskar during the fasting window.

Yoga is generally practiced in groups and under the guidance of a Yoga Master, who in turn brings in variations to keep up the participant interest.

But I want to do yoga which I learnt, at my convenient time.

This is where the routine comes in. A disciplined completion is better facilitated by following the same routine. It’s like learning it by heart.

And I manage to complete all the steps systematically and in the same order. The only change is that of the increase periodically of the number of repetitions.

Experts say one should have variations. Perhaps it’s better. But my way is sure way of doing it alone regularly.

The Power Of Routine In Strong Discipline!

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