Habits……When Good are Great.

Perhaps it was sheer laziness getting into me, I skipped the weights and pull- up sessions in the gym yesterday. Actually I am alternating the weight training days, as required, for getting the muscles to recover.

But I am on to my valuable habit of swimming which I try to do upto 6 days a week.

But then yesterday it was showing signs of North East mansoon rains which usually is accompanied with thunder and lightning. And being in water is not advisable.

I thought of it as an excuse not to swim, which is quite unlike me as i enjoy the swimming. Was I lazy!!

The rain was mild and thunder feeble and finally by 7pm I looked at the pool from the balcony and got invited.

And I did the routine 60 non stop laps and I am happy.

Great habit which I hope to continue……

Habits……When Good are Great.

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