Must Do These All

I now have to focus on doing some small but important things, which are now gone a bit awry.

– Time for family

– Time to greet/ meet friends

– Work on my consultancy

– Mentoring jobs

– Blog post and following friends posts

– Be active with new items on Cooking Exotica

– Work out to keep fit

– Complete two pending book reviews

– Continue writing my book

– Reactive the Book Writer’s Club

– Start the planned farming

– Prepare project feasibility for holiday home

– Manage finances and investments

– Do some charity frequently

– Be Happy

– Radiate Happiness

Manage all these with a loving heart 💓, in company of many loving ❣ 💓💕💗💝


Migratory Visitors

It was nice to see yesterday the return of the migratory birds. I believe even the cranes from Siberia visit these waters every year.

I am quite fascinated by the concentration and dedication of the birds in the picture when they search for food. Their long beaks go down deep in search of food.

It’s fascinating to sit in the balcony and watch the winged tourists displaying their skills and strategy in fishing.


What Makes People Wicked!

Yesterday I read a post here from one person working now as a professor in a medical college, writing bad things about people of the area where the person is working.

And that person is also an author.

Then I read an article in a newspaper by one of the editors saying exactly opposite of what the first person said. According to the editor, the people from the place in question studying with the editor in the university helped the editor to develop free thinking. The editor said ‘that’s all what I got’.

Both the persons are from the same university.

Having lived in places where the persons mentioned, I thought of writing a rejoinder to the first person, the medical college professor and author, here in this post. But decided against as:

We have here good messages spreading love and affection. And if I respond, the wickedness of the first person’s hate message may come across the blog posts of my good friends.

But the second person’s article gave me the answer by showing why the first person earning a living from the place which gives the livelihood, wicked.



Poetry And Me

I was not much into poetry but blog posts here are plenty with lovely poems from talented bloggers.

And then I thought I should also write a few, and hence posted a few.

There was no structure or any rules followed and it just came along. And I am proud to say that I didn’t have to edit any and posted what I scribbled.

One revelation perhaps is that it was flowing from heart when the subject was love.

Of course I didn’t get any direct criticism and my beautiful friends here gave glowing thumbs up.

But then there were a few who wrote elsewhere about people writing poems pretending to be poets, and I knew.

However I got awestruck with some real poets and their poems and found solace there.

That’s why I am saying ‘when you love a poem, you love the poet also.


Onam Day

Onam, the festival of Kerala is a celebration of good times when an ancient king was ruling who was vanquished by jealous gods, but allowed to visit his people once a year during Onam.

The floods have taken the heart out of what it would have been great celebrations.

But the floods brought people together and equal like in the time of the king.

I wish all a Happy Onam


Onam Celebrations

Onam is the biggest celebration in Kerala when people of all backgrounds- religion, culture etc. come together.

The recent flood tragedy brought the people together under different circumstances and the traditional Onam celebrations are now seriously muted.

Last year we had the family Onam in my sister’s ancestral house, the tharavad of the legendary ‘Kayal Murikkan’. That house on the lake was flooded.

We are however meeting in my father’s house for a ‘thanksgiving’ for the safe return of my brother who was marooned in the upstairs of his riverside house for nearly five days.

We will not be having the dances that were being practiced. But we will be together as a mark of solidarity in the face of such unexpected disaster.

We are family


A Blog A Day

One of my blog friends suggested multiple blogs in a day to be more effective. I usually do listen to advices from friends and I want to do that. Perhaps I will manage to do it.

The challenge however is to fulfill my duty of reading my friend’s valuable posts. I am trying to be a true follower and thus a true friend but the task of reading all of yours is proving to be tough.

I will try nonetheless, as it’s my duty as your true follower.

Please forgive me if I miss a few posts.


Relief and Reconstruction of the Flood Affected

We have witnessed some unparalleled humanitarian rescue efforts of the Kerala flood victims. Religion, cast, politics etc beat a fast retreat.

Now’s time for cleanup and reconstruction.

Organisations, government, countries and UN have shown willingness.

And politics is slowly creeping in. Questions like Did central government offer enough, look at UAE offering more than central assistance, should we accept money from UN etc.

Let’s keep politics out and please don’t offend good hearts.

I am particularly intrigued at the statements like ‘India is not a poor country, we should not take UN money’ etc.

UN money is nothing but contributions from members and India is a major donor.

And like Britain drew compensation for the mad cow affected farmers from EU fund, India is to receive UN assistance to flood victims, graciously.


Thank You For the Love And Affection

1000 Followers!! My God!

I never imagined this could be possible. I have been here as a humble follower to you great bloggers.

But the love and affection received here has made this possible. This is a proud moment for me. My sincere thanks to you all.

Now that we’re here, I commit my efforts to spread love and goodwill on these pages.

The journey has all of you beautiful companions and together we will create a community of best of friends dedicated to spreading the message of love.

Love you all my beautiful friends 💝


Kerala Floods

I am duty bound to update on my brother’s situation in the flood. He is still in his riverside house and the water has receded. The area is still surrounded with strong water currents and inaccessible by road. Even boats find it difficult to reach.

Thanks to an industrialist relative with workers in the area, my brother is visited three times in the day with food and essentials. As such we are not considering evacuation now.

Thank you all for your prayers.

The real heroes are

the fishermen of Kerala who pressed into service about 600 Fishing boats and rescued most people from seriously dangerous areas. While the dinghies of the armed forces struggled in strong currents and saved 6 or 7 at a time, the fishing boats and local experience of fishermen progressed and rescued 30 plus at one time. Some of the boats were damaged and they didn’t care. I hope those will be repaired free of cost or relief funds paying for it.

There’s a satisfying show of unity and compassion. Stories abound.

But there are some hate campaign. What’s worrying for them is the increasing unity and solidarity those hate rants have produced.