Khandvi, the Healthy Delicacy:

This one is healthy and a wonderful snack of Gujarati and Maharashtrian origin.

My favourite recipe Youtuber ‘Zaikastreet’ recommended it, knowing that I am fond of making things which are relatively healthy.

Khandvi is healthy and delicious. Zaikastreet video is very easy to follow, but since it’s in Hindi I am giving the details of how I made it.

Take one cup of Besan (gram flour), one cup of fresh curd, two cups of water, one tbsps of ginger paste, two crushed green chilies, one tsp of turmeric powder and one tsp of salt into a mixture. Mix for about 10 seconds.

Strain into a hard bottom vessel and heat the contents on slow fire. Keep stirring till it reaches a thick consistency.

Take out from the fire and spread the paste over a smooth platform. Even a cleaned kitchen platform will come handy. Spread nicely, evenly and thinly and allow it to cool down which would take about 15 minutes.

While waiting for the spread cooling down, heat one and half tbsps of oil in a pan. When hot add mustard seeds and sesame seeds. Once they start breaking, add half a cup of freshly grated coconut and heat for another two minutes.

Cut with a fine knife or pizza cutter the spread into blocks of size 2.5″x2″. Spread the coconut mix sporadically across the slabs. Add some fresh coriander leaves along.

Now roll each slab carefully into a fine cylindrical shape. Spread the remaining coconut mix on top with coriander leaves.

Delicious Khandvi is ready.

Of course, mine didn’t roll well as the spread was thicker. I am sure to get it right next time.

But the taste is super. Thank you Zaikastreet, whose link is below. I recommend subscribing and trying out the recipes there.

Khandvi, the Healthy Delicacy:

Bhapa Doi/ Steamed Yogurt Pudding

From the name it’s a Bengali delicacy and I got the recipe from ‘Yiutuber Zaikastreet’

A friend of mine suggested a name for my culinary interest as ‘alternate healthy gourmet cuisine’.

Interestingly the major change here is suggested by Zaikastreet itself when she told me to use jaggery instead of a rich original ingredient.

So there’s an option to make it my way or better the original way for which I am giving the link below with recommendation to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

I took half a litre of fresh yogurt. Ideally it should be hung yogurt where all the water have drained out. Just that I strained off the water.

Whip the yogurt with an egg beater. Add boiled and cooled milk and whip nicely. Add just enough milk and see that it’s not very watery.

Condensed milk is the ideal ingredient. But the healthy change suggestion is to use jaggery powder and I added it. Palm jaggery is the right choice.

Mix again with a tea spoon of cardamom powder. Add some crushed almonds, pistachio and kismiss. Mix well.

Since it’s not hung yogurt and the condensed milk was avoided, it may be watery. Add one and half teaspoon of agar agar so that it will be thickened.

Pour into a container which is greased inside so that the contents will come out easily. Cover well with tin foil and steam for about 25 minutes.

When cooled down to room temperature, cover with thin foil and refrigerate for 4 to 5 hours.

Transfer the contents upside down into a plate. The pudding is ready to enjoy.

See original recipe and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Bhapa Doi/ Steamed Yogurt Pudding

Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Barfi. And I Made It!

I follow the YouTube channel Zaikastreet for some good recipes. Here’s one which attracted me and I can’t believe, I made it!

The channel has recipes ably demonstrated, but some of them are in Hindi. This one is in Hindi and I will try and describe how it’s made.

The ingredients are Bottle Gourd about 750 grams, Kova (boiled down thick milk extract) from a litre of fresh milk, sugar, cardamom powder, nuts and food colour. Silver food leaves (I didn’t have).

Peel the gourd and cut into 4 or 6 pieces. Remove seeds and grate the entire gourd. Squeeze by hand or in a cloth to remove water.

Pour one tablespoon of pure ghee into a pan, and heat on medium fire. Add grated louki and stir till the remaining water is dried out and the vegetable is cooked (15 minutes). Add sugar to taste and stir for another 5 minutes.

Now mix the Kova and continue stirring. Add 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom powder and some of the broken nuts. I used cashew, almonds and kismiss slightly roasted in a teaspoon of ghee. Add two drops of food colour (I used green). Stir the mixture well till it become into a consistency for spreading on a tray.

Grease the tray with some butter and spread the mixture evenly in it to the desired thickness. Spread the remaining nuts sporadically on top and level using a wooden spatula.

Ideally the silver leaves on top would have made it look more store like.

Keep aside for an hour or so, if necessary in the chill tray of the refrigerator.

Cut into squares and the barfi is ready. I have the best taster at home who’s a fantastic cook too. And Sunu (my wife) said ‘simply amazing’.

Subscribe to YouTube channel ‘zaikastreet’ for more such recipes simply and ably demonstrated.

Here’s the video link to the barfi

Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Barfi. And I Made It!