No one Knows What’s It, Why Is It There.

This floating mechanism has been in our waterfront for about a year now. It has not moved from there. Occasional occupants ferries themselves to and fro using a floating platform pulled across the water using a rope tied to the vessel and a pole on the land.

It belongs to some government department for sure, but nobody knows what the purpose is. Some say that water pipes will be layered under the water for water supply.

If that’s true it’s well and good. A good way of pipe laying without having to dig the roads. But the roads are already dug up for water connection and remain to be filled up and tarred for the past six months.

Then, is the underwater pipe plan a pipe dream!

Clearly there’s no coordination and certainly no communication. All are unto themselves and the silent majority is taken for granted.

I wish that one day someone will tell me why this complicated floating system and the pipes are displayed in front of our view and remain there stationary without doing anything.

Well almost anything as one person at least visit the place and run something consuming a lot of fuel.

By the way, please don’t mistake it as a rainbow photography, it’s just the oil spill into the water.

No one Knows What’s It, Why Is It There.