A Story On Persistence

It may not fit in as Novel, but it certainly needed persistence.

As a swimmer I have to be familiar with race start from the starting board, if I am to compete effectively in a competition.

With Masters Games offering competitive sports at various age groups, a dopamine effect for happiness is available in participating in a championship.

But I was not very good in the start and some training was required.

That’s why I joined a swimming training course. In fact it was my wife who found out about the training and got me enrolled.

The initial few (actually many) dives from that starting block height drew red designs on my chest as I was hitting the water with the chest.

Also the swimming goggles used to come off with the impact.

But now, after a few days of persistent attempts, the arrow like hands go into the water with head tucked in between the shoulders and somewhat a dolphin jump making a painless smooth entry into the water and to continue the strokes.

The goggles remain in place, supported by the swimming cap. This technique is thanks to Google.

Here the Dopamine hormone is activated for a good feeling of happiness.

Remember the blog (@https://decodinghappyness.com/author/himalis49/) “Novelty, Dopamine, Follow- Through and Persistence. It’s true.

A Story On Persistence