Swimming in the Rain

I was on my second lap in the pool when the heavens opened up and the heaviest rain so far in this monsoon came down.

Three of our neighbour’s school going kids also had just entered the pool. And they got out and left when the rain intensified. And I thought ‘hey guys you’re missing something’.

That’s because running out into the heavy downpour was one of the favourite childhood activities for me. The white sand layered compound of the house where i grew up was good for running and playing in the rain.

I remember, when the rain came suddenly the appropriate clothes were not available at hand, and not to miss any part of the fun, it was okay to go in without any clothes.

I remember the gene working inside us, when recently while in my nephews house the rain came suddenly, and it felt natural for us to jump out to enjoy it.

Of course, this time we went for some piece of clothe, but it just covered, barely.

It was thus natural and a pleasure for me to continue to swim in the rain. Perhaps the rain also was curious as it poured during the entire time of my 50 minuets swim.

Total Bliss!

Swimming in the Rain