Grated Coconut, The Hard Way!

Having stuck in lockdown in Bangalore has some advantages and some adventurers. Though our place is fully furnished, there are some tools found wanting

So in place of an electric scraper and a manual machine, all I have here is a spoon sized hand held scraper for grated coconut.

But that’s an opportunity to get a tick on the daily goal of cooking. Otherwise with my wife being a maestro, there’s hardly any chance.

Here I am using my strength more than the tool to scrape out the coconut.

In the activities update, there are other exceptions too, like I broke the intermittent fasting schedule, the first time after my birthday.

Then with 1341 calories burned in yoga, floor cleaning, land swimming and walking, I was tired even to watch Netflix.

Grated Coconut, The Hard Way!

Lockdown Self-Challenge. April 17 Summary.

Active day. Did most of the 16 challenge areas. Didn’t work on my book, but did a book review and posted here, on Facebook, whatsapp group and on amazon review.

Burned 1086 calories in Apple Watch monitored activities of yoga, floor cleaning, land swimming and indoor walk. This is against target of 700 calories.

Washing is only dinner plates, but managed to do that in spite of my wife refusing to allow me the work.

Calling friends included college time good friend, but incommunicado for ten years. Priceless!

Lockdown Self-Challenge. April 17 Summary.

Lockdown Days! Self Challenge

Another satisfying day. Apple Watch showed 972 calories burned for the monitored fitness activities and cleaning job. This was 1123 yesterday. All well above the target of 700.

Land swimming is innovative, prompted by blog friend elizabeth with her comment ‘swimming in bathtub’. Thank you Elizabeth.

Didn’t get time to work on the book though

Lockdown Days! Self Challenge

Lockdown Challenge! It’s Self Challenge Though!

People in the know tell us that self-love is the start of all love. Likewise self-Challenge could be the best among all challenges!

I have been shying away from the challenges that are posed on social media. May be that i am not sure if i can live upto expectations, or is it that I don’t like to be challenged!

That’s when I realised that I have been looking at the many challenges coming up in social media in this lockdown period. Yes I have been following them as a voyeur.

So, like the passionate love starting with self love, here I am with self Challenge!

I have selected 16 items, if done, i am doing very well in the lockdown.

Land swimming, included here is from an idea posed by a blog friend. And it helps at least in keeping some of my swimming muscles engaged.

They could keep me fit, focused, healthy, helping and overall gainfully engaged. Here with 12 of the 16 being yes, I have used up the full day April 15, and perhaps exhausted.

I am loving it! And like they say here, show some love by liking and commenting on it.

Lockdown Challenge! It’s Self Challenge Though!