Why There’s A Crowd On Holy Week And Christmas

We are increasingly taking a look back at traditions and rituals in this modern world. I have always been wondering why churches are overflowing during the special times such as Christmas and the Holy Week, particularly in Kerala. And perhaps this is the answer.

Churches in Kerala literally enact biblical events during these special days. Done mostly through the midnight, the congregation is so full that I sometimes wonder where these people are during a regular Sunday mass.

This Holy Week, probably gave me the answer. Aided by beautiful singing and dramatic recreation of the 2000 years old events, using modern visual effects, the celebrations are a treat to the ears and eyes and even to the soul.

Starting with the Maundy Thursday to Good Friday through to Easter, we acted in the events leading to Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection.

What if it took two and half hours on Thursday, a same amount of time on Friday and well over three and half hours on Sunday, we got to watch the tradition including a fantastic visual display of the huge tombstone sliding open and the resurrection accompanied with lightning, thunder and strong breeze.

Truly amazing.

Why There’s A Crowd On Holy Week And Christmas