Water Water Everywhere….

Water is precious, the absence of which is the end for everything and too much of which is frightening.

Frightening, well I thought I would never use that word for my favourite element, but that’s what it is now.

I have always loved water, enjoyed the rain and played happily in it.

Actually, water is much more than that. The picture here is showing something beyond just the eye.

The nearer ones are fishing coracle boats. Those husband and wife team are from another state who came here to earn a living from water.

The boat in middle is a daily ferry used mainly by office goers residing some 40 kilometres from Kochi to commute every day.

And the farther one is gunboat security for the vice admiral.

The third boat’s idea is unfortunately more in focus now, the security. I have just heard friends cancelling important travel fearing the forecasted heavy rain.

Schools are closed and residents on hilly areas of my hometown, vacated their houses based on a voice whatsapp message by the local MLA.

Precautions are good and save life. The need of the hour is to find solutions.

We need to treat our rivers with respect, keeping them clean and free of any obstructing materials. These rivers are to take excess water in heavy rains to the larger ones and to the mighty sea.

It’s also important to channel gushing rain water from the hills into these rivers, smoothly. For this, sufficiently large storm water drains are to be built by studying the flow and keep them clean and unhindered always.

Such welcome to rain and water is what is expected of us. Not the unmindful constructions hindering the nature’s flow with concrete blocks and cutting trees.

Mother Nature will help us, if we respect her.

Water Water Everywhere….

Kerala Rains and Floods. Build Storm Water Drains.

Kerala, the southern most state of India is used to have one of the most disciplined weather seasons.

The monsoon, known as ‘South West Monsoon’ used to arrive first in India in the state, on the first of June. Ironically, that’s the first day of school for the new year.

It used to be somber sight to see waves of coloured umbrellas, moving along roadsides, hoping to protect the new dresses, bags and shoes of the lovely schoolchildren.

But it’s all changed now! The rains don’t arrive on June first. Worse, like this year, it took well into July for the heavens to open.

The land, people, the flora and fauna are all ready to receive and absorb various climate situations, which are very well orchestrated by the nature.

But it’s not so when the rhythm is upset. The late monsoon, when arrived in excess, upset the equilibrium.

Like one expert puts it “the total seasonal supply of rain, when arriving in just three days, make the earth a water bomb”

This is the apt definition for Urul Pottal.

And most of the losses of lives and damage during the current floods are due to the Urul Pottal.

There’s no warning systems or preventive steps available for this disaster, other than that it can occur unexpectedly in extreme rains.

Perhaps a detailed study and solutions like constructing strong storm water drains are urgently required.

Kerala Rains and Floods. Build Storm Water Drains.

Where Are You Rains

There are times when dark clouds are welcome. When an anticipated rain is delayed by well over a month.

It perhaps started as a personal preference for me liking this monsoon season very much for all the rains, but now everyone is talking about a 46% deficit in rainfall.

The huge clouds here in the photo burst, and the downpour was strong, but then it went away making occasional appearances to tempt.

But then, the stark reality is that we are solely responsible for this climate change.

No one else to blame!

Where Are You Rains

The Rains Are Here! And It’s Beautiful

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Monsoon has arrived and it’s beautiful here. Rains in Kerala are special. That’s when the entire state become air-conditioned with pleasant weather.

That’s not all, it’s beautiful to sit and watch the sheets of water coming down from the skies.

It started the day before. There were occasional rains before that, remains of the summer rains with humidity and worse, some thunder and lightning.

And it gave way to the South West Monsoon. The transition in some 18 hours is phenomenal. The humidity has disappeared and the thunder is gone. Total bliss is ushered in.

Last year in August there were some excess rains and the state perhaps would have withstood it, but for what is assessed to be human error in storing maximum water in some 33 dams and releasing all of them together when the water level continued to rise. The after effects were sad and to be avoided forever.

Normal monsoon is very welcome. The rivers get cleaned up and I fancy several trips to the river I grew up in. And of course the beautiful drive in the rain, through the good roads in the villages.

Last evening was my swimming day and the pre shower and the pool water felt cold but it energised me.

And I have one of the best spots to watch the rain. From my balcony across the sprawling backwaters.

Sincere welcome! Come and have coffee with me, watching the rains.

The Rains Are Here! And It’s Beautiful