Back to Work, in Covid Times.

No no, not the work for bread, it’s the cleaning work. With the alarming spread of the virus, we have given the maid a paid holiday till the situation gets better.

That means bringing out my gadgets to do the cleaning and mopping the floors. My wife took over the washing of vessels, which also I offered to do, perhaps knowing fully well that she won’t agree.

Cooking, well with two cooks in us topped with my intermittent fasting is never a problem.

The vacuum cleaner in the middle is from Walmart USA, it doesn’t have the charging wires running behind. It’s rechargeable battery operated and has separate speeds for the floor and carpets. It picks up even tiny particles.

I have two mops with water spraying mechanism. The green one releases tiny quantity of water to mop the wooden floors. Wood cleaning additives go into the water.

The other mops sprays a bit more water and cleaning liquids and used for cleaning tiled floors.

These gadgets which have very flexible adjustments, make cleaning fun. And gives me the title of a ‘Professional Cleaner’.

Back to Work, in Covid Times.