When My Kombucha Turned Bombucha!

I wanted fizz, just enough for it to come out frothy. I was not getting it with normal bottles and the Kombucha found ways of leaking out during second fermentation.

That’s when I found flip top, air tight and good looking KromeBrew bottles.

And I wanted to do well. Used fresh mango juice, added some sugar and fresh crushed ginger to add to the fizz.

And then my stupid act, left very

little gap of air so as to force the gas to hide into the juice.

I scored 1 out of ten. The one for the fizz.

Bottle maker KromeBrew gets 10 of 10.

75% of the Kombucha flew out and I took over an hour in clean up.

It literally hit the ceiling

Shhh….. thank God, it was not the fan.

Perhaps I have the world record of flying Kombucha to what could be 30 feet high.

I have 5 more bottles and I’m assembling a disposing squad.

When My Kombucha Turned Bombucha!

Kurians Wellness Online- Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent Fasting is probably the best fasting for benefits. This is against several other traditional and new gen fasting methods.
Benefits are numerous and it’s not very difficult to adopt this time restricted fasting and eating regimen.
Kurians Wellness Online is to cover intermittent fasting in some detail.
Follow @kjacob125 for getting involved in the wellness program.

Kurians Wellness Online- Intermittent Fasting.

Kombucha, the Elixir of Life!

Benefits of Kombucha
Kombucha is a treasure trove of goodness. Plenty of probiotics to aid gut health and digestion. Vitamins and minerals including B Vitamins.
Other benefits include enhanced energy and concentration. Muscle relaxation helping good sleep and lowering of blood pressure.
A very important benefit, please take a note of it here, Kombucha can be alcohol replacement. Almost the same feel, fizz, lightness, happiness with just below 1% alcohol.
Want to quit alcohol drinking, perhaps try this.
Other benefits may include cancer cure, heart health, cure for type 2 diabetes.
As a substitute to alcohol or problematic colas, Kombucha is stunningly impressive.

Kombucha, the Elixir of Life!

Ethakka Cutlets. Kerala Banana Cutlets Using Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet.

Asahi Kasei Cooking Contest
Contestant: Kurian Jacob
Dish: Nenthrakaya Cutlets (adopted from preparation of famous chef Pillai)
I’m thrilled that I could adopt a recipe which foodie icon chef Pillai has asked us to try in his video. It’s dear particularly to Keralaites as the banana, the key ingredient is from Kerala.
I found this Nenthrakaya cutlets while browsing through the post of Instagram friend Sreesha Nair. She said it’s from famous Chef Suresh Pillai.
That’s when I realised that I haven’t been following him and quickly followed. Perhaps it was due to the fear that I may not be successful in trying out a dish by him. Now I am thanking him for it and urge you to follow him for unique items like this.
As such this is a fitting entry to the Asahi Kasei contest.
Try this out, it’s very good. Baking is made super simple with the cooking sheet of Asahi Kasei.
Start using Asahi Kasei products for easy and healthy cooking.

Ethakka Cutlets. Kerala Banana Cutlets Using Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet.

Peanut Butter Cookies Using Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet.

Asahi Kasei Cooking Contest
Contestant Name: Kurian Jacob
Dish: Peanut Butter Cookies
I’m using Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet for baking the cookies. Equal quantities of freshly and homemade (without preservatives) peanut butter and brown sugar are mixed well. One egg is beaten and mixed with a few drops of vanilla essence and added to the mix.
The cooking sheet is taken from the Asahi Kasei roll using it’s self cutter and spread on the baking tray. The oven is preheated for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.
The tray is placed inside the oven and baked for 15 minutes. When done it’s taken out and three almonds each were immersed into the half done cookies.
It’s then baked for another 5 minutes to have crisp almond crowned peanut butter cookies.

Peanut Butter Cookies Using Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet.

We Have a Role to Play

World is in turmoil, mostly due to fear! Fear of the virus that’s spreading. And once in fear mode, more fear comes in, like melting economy, dangerous global warming etc etc.

The real danger is continued spread of the fear. The virus, though very dangerous is not taking lives in a big way. Effective precautions are seen to contain it’s spread. However the ‘hope’ is not seen to be encouraged.

People in the know are working hard on solutions to the problem. Luckily, there’s no significant blaming game. A lot of work is coordinated.

This is the time, we as ordinary people, are to play a role. First and foremost, don’t be instruments in spreading a rumour. There are experts to suggest the does and donts.

Social media is a weapon. It’s a weapon capable of spreading despair and rumours. It’s also an instrument to spread hope and love.

Let’s be instruments for spreading hope and love. People are getting isolated/ quarantined for common good. It’s not easy to lead the isolated life. If we know someone who’s quarantined or isolated for monitoring, why not be in touch with him on social media.

Let’s not discuss despair. Talk about the friendship, of the brave things when we were together in school, work or in groups. Better, chart out plans for a get together, picnic or some such nice things after the turmoil is over.

Greet good mornings, talk through the day. Do it individually rather than in groups. Whatsapp is a powerful tool, and address people individually and personally, taking the whatsapp numbers from group.

An important point to remember is that those who are willing to be in isolation is doing it for others/ us also. They are angels of goodwill.

Nobody should feel alone. We are all together. After all, what are friends for!

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

We Have a Role to Play

Virtual Friends in Focus. Like Never Before!

There’s no denying the fact that the best way to enjoy and cherish friendship is with direct interaction. In fact virtual connections are being called the bane of this era.

Perhaps it’s now, that the importance of virtual connections and interactions are much in focus in a positive way.

Personally I am a proponent of virtual connections and social media interactions. Perhaps it removes many barriers in physical interactions like logistics, time and availability.

Now, why virtual connections are in focus! We are in one of the most difficult phases of our lives. The Corona virus has made the world to plunge into an atmosphere of fear. People are afraid of each other, afraid of inadvertently contracting the virus or passing it on to loved ones.

Most social interactions are being reviewed! Sports and entertainment cancelled, travel in jeopardy and the world is afraid and lonely.

Here’s where the virtual world has a role. Interact and support our dear ones. Let it be known that nobody is alone. Love and affection can cure anything. The virus, economic downturn all are temporary.

The opportunity comes with huge responsibility. Don’t ever spread rumours. The social media is for sharing love and friendship and not to frighten.

Just talk to friends, let them know that we’re in it together. That we will make a better world.

Communicate and let it be known that we do care.

Virtual Friends in Focus. Like Never Before!

Build Facilities, Will Win.

Jayanagar Sports Complex, Bangalore

The basketball court in Jayanagar now got the board supported by the crane like structure. What it does is that the players can concentrate on scoring without fear of a head injury, hitting the post when it was nearer to the play field like it was before.

In fact I see such facilities coming up or constantly getting improved in Bangalore. The swimming pool complex in Jayanagar is getting upgraded to Olympic standards. There are 50 meters pools and heated pools in many places.

First five of the 25 states in medals tally in Masters National Games in Vadodara

Certainly it’s the facilities and opportunities that put the state of Karnataka, way above in the medals tally.

I do hope that other states would take notice and build sports infrastructure. After all, health wellness are equally important to winning medals.

Some campaigning will be in order.

Build Facilities, Will Win.

Speeding Fine! On New Year

I got filmed for speed on the National Highway during daytime on new year day 2020. The offence was clocking 76 kms per hour and the photo showed no other vehicle nearby.

Well Kerala keeps 70 kms as limit on National Highways passing through the state. And there used to be a 10% margin of error before fines are imposed.

Not anymore. The ₹1500 (over 20 dollar) fine is three times the previous rate but ₹3500 less than what was initially proposed. Apparently the state government expects people to be grateful for such a massive reduction though it’s still a 300% increase.

Everyone knows that we can’t fight it but pay as the rules for recourse are painful. And I paid.

I am not a speed driver and I keep applying the brakes to bring the vehicle speed down. Well we used to press the accelerator for any speed when we were driving old model cars. But now with better roads and new cars, the brake is used to control the speed to the old limits.

That’s not all the story. It’s practically impossible to speed on congested roads on a regular day. Then how will the fine department meet the stiff targets set for them!

Catch all and sundry for violation. No grace or allowance for margin of error. Interestingly on the day I got the fine notice, social and mass media were full of the story of a drama company getting fined some ₹24,000 for carrying drama cutouts of certain height in the vehicle. The conclusion in the media is ‘what else they can do to meet the targets’

Apparently the remuneration for playing the drama was ₹25,000. They still made ₹1000 for the entire troupe.

My regret, is that people don’t still recognise me as a daredevil habitual speed offender.

No high, gutty macho image!

Speeding Fine! On New Year