Khandvi, the Healthy Delicacy:

This one is healthy and a wonderful snack of Gujarati and Maharashtrian origin.

My favourite recipe Youtuber ‘Zaikastreet’ recommended it, knowing that I am fond of making things which are relatively healthy.

Khandvi is healthy and delicious. Zaikastreet video is very easy to follow, but since it’s in Hindi I am giving the details of how I made it.

Take one cup of Besan (gram flour), one cup of fresh curd, two cups of water, one tbsps of ginger paste, two crushed green chilies, one tsp of turmeric powder and one tsp of salt into a mixture. Mix for about 10 seconds.

Strain into a hard bottom vessel and heat the contents on slow fire. Keep stirring till it reaches a thick consistency.

Take out from the fire and spread the paste over a smooth platform. Even a cleaned kitchen platform will come handy. Spread nicely, evenly and thinly and allow it to cool down which would take about 15 minutes.

While waiting for the spread cooling down, heat one and half tbsps of oil in a pan. When hot add mustard seeds and sesame seeds. Once they start breaking, add half a cup of freshly grated coconut and heat for another two minutes.

Cut with a fine knife or pizza cutter the spread into blocks of size 2.5″x2″. Spread the coconut mix sporadically across the slabs. Add some fresh coriander leaves along.

Now roll each slab carefully into a fine cylindrical shape. Spread the remaining coconut mix on top with coriander leaves.

Delicious Khandvi is ready.

Of course, mine didn’t roll well as the spread was thicker. I am sure to get it right next time.

But the taste is super. Thank you Zaikastreet, whose link is below. I recommend subscribing and trying out the recipes there.

Khandvi, the Healthy Delicacy: