There Are 5,000 Followers Now. Truly A Landmark.

I have just hit a landmark! There are 5,000 followers to my mostly healthy food and wellness focused instagram account.
It’s big, as per my personal standards and it has made me dream for that magical number of 10K.
More importantly, it’s highly satisfying, exciting and very participative. Imagine me talking part in cooking competitions and get invited for collaborations by Instagram celebrities.

There Are 5,000 Followers Now. Truly A Landmark.

The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach!

Picture credit Pinterest.

Remember this when everything fails. There’s nothing more alluring and effective than some good food. Especially when hungry.

I have found this to be true in Instagram. Ever since I started talking about food, I became a good boy in Instagram.

I am a blogger on WordPress with more than a thousand blogs and matching number of followers. I write what comes to mind mostly.

I am inherently fond of tradition in food and I am willing to be a revolutionary if traditions are trampled. That’s when I found Instagram full of activists like me, promoting traditional food.

I love to be among the sweet heart foodies there. Doesn’t matter if I am an intermittent faster. After all it’s not denying food, but only delaying it.

I found the way to sweet hearts, and it’s through the stomach and it works ‘vice versa’.

The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach!


Yes, now I am an accomplished instagramer!

I started on Instagram modestly, to post some photos and see some from friends. It’s a good place for that.

But the friendship and Camaraderie found there is unique. People connected, mostly with some passion in common, interact beautifully in the community.

We don’t claim that we know much of any detailed or personal information of those who follow us or we follow. But we’re connected by a beautiful bond. A bond of pure friendship, supporting and encouraging each other.

I am wholeheartedly thanking each one of those following me. And I must admit that I have a true desire to be an active participant and a genuine follower to all the wonderful people in the community.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and see you and those who are to be connected, happily in the Instagram pages, day in and out.

I am a devoted Instagramer.


Social Media Consolidation

Actually it’s about me. I like social media but I am sensitive to the reactions of others that I touch through them.

For example, whatsapp is a great enabler, powerful almost like internet and World Wide Web when it started. Among others, it is replacing the traditional phone calls.

It’s direct and meant to be personal. When we try to use it as a communication tool to a group, it raises problems. A good percentage of the group members get hassled by the impersonal messages. I have thus put a restriction on large whatsapp groups, as a broadcaster and receiver.

Good old Facebook is very good. But it is losing popularity for the very fact that it’s old. Some youngsters feel old if they are on Facebook.

Instagram is great to visually express yourself. And when you’re not very visually expressive, you tend to become a viewer, if not a voyeur.

LinkedIn is business. And when you are from the corporate world, you tend to get maximum connections there. And like all business, there’s a cost to everything.

Blog sites like this, are absolutely fabulous. Here we can be free and express our mind and read the expression of freedom from others with great passion, even without knowing each other.

Twitter is trending and I have a Twitter Account too. But I am not using it. Perhaps, to my mind it’s associated with politics and for people seeking fame with the count of followers. Perhaps I am wrong or better, I don’t know how to use it well.

And there are many others, which I may be too old to list the names.

My vote goes to blog sites.

Social Media Consolidation