When We Need Support, Do It Together!

When we grow older, it’s natural that we look for support. And in the process, one can fall into the trap of letting oneself grow older mentally too.

There are some things we can do to ease the process and avoid the hassles of seeking support from busy people.

By the way, one of the sure shots for success is to get into the bragging game, quite willingly. And I am happy to admit that I have a doctorate in the art of bragging. You have seen that! Sincerely!

We have had several theories on wellness, which we used to try once in a while and achieve some success, only to lose them all and get into the negative segment, once the routine is changed.

Now, at last, we have a ray of hope. First and foremost is the idea of Intermittent Fasting. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If we say this mantra quite too frequently, the chances are that we believe in it. If nothing, it’s a placebo.

Wait, it’s not just placebo, the 2016 Nobel Prize was awarded to the study. Intermittent fasting could lead to autophagy which is repairing damaged cells and growing new ones. Growing new cells is actually reversing age, not only mentally, but physically too.

I think I have your attention! And you are welcome to join a whatsapp broadcast group which is already a treasure trove of information.

Here individual identities are hidden and as admin, I only have a global view. And I share contributions from individual members.

A whole lot of information on Intermittent Fasting and the possible accompaniment like exercise and preferred food during eating window are covered and discussed.

The most important is the feeling of doing in a group and the plus of peer group pressure to stay on course. All these without knowing who the other team members are.

We are doing good. I know many of you are interested. Just don’t wait, just do join the group and benefit from the power of team work and share experiences.

By the way, I have just enrolled for a certification as a wellness coach. That’s quite something, isn’t it.

Contact me to join. No pre conditions. Young or older, you are welcome to try it, it’s good and it’s private.

Just send whatsapp number to my +91 9400056031 or e-mail: jacobkurian@hotmail.com.

See you there!

When We Need Support, Do It Together!

It’s All Positive So Far! And The Benefits Too!

I started on Intermittent Fasting on January 19, 2019 after getting alerted on the subject by a friend. And I have been fairly regular with my 16.8 schedule. That’s fasting for 16 continuous hours and eating during the remaining 8 hours with two meals and liberal snacking in between.

Like all diets, weight loss has been the primary measure of success and it was good by about 12 ponds within the first 45 days. And then it started remaining stationary.

And there are any number of articles and videos on the subject with each one giving valuable information and all being positive and good.

There are some takings from these. Like ‘it’s not a diet, it’s lifestyle’. ‘Weight loss is just a side effect and other benefits outweigh’ etc.

There are big Facebook groups with several thousands of members but those started getting dominated by mere words and comments. So I started a whatsapp broadcast group with known people and we are sharing valuable experiences and motivate each other.

Pooling literature on the subject is of great benefit with information on autophagy etc. Thus it has become aspirational as healing and growing new cells are like a dream.

There’s a catch though, for best benefits, one has to progress towards at least a 20.4 schedule. And I want to do it.

Yesterday was my first 20.4, achieved almost accidentally as we got into a movie theatre at 16 and half hours of fasting. And I achieved 20 by refusing Theater snacks. Now the challenge is to continue.

The videos and articles in our group are so informative that IF is clearly the most significant health initiative. The videos include one from the Nobel Prize winner for his work on IF and autophagy.

Actually, all my friends should spend some time listening to them and reading the material available in the group.

For joining, send me a mail on jacobkurian@hotmail.com with your whatsapp number or whatsapp me on +91 9400056031.

Member privacy is ensured in a broadcast group where members can’t see or message other members.

It’s All Positive So Far! And The Benefits Too!

Walking Barefoot! The Surprising Health Benefits

Yesterday a neighbor in the resident association group forwarded an article by Dr. Isaac Eliaz on the benefits of walking barefoot.

We are all used to the comfort of wearing fancy footwear, made mostly of synthetic materials and thus lose a natural connection with earth. The situation with apartment residents are even more severe.

I remembered the days when we used to run on people layered clear water river after fish to catch them with bare hands. And now I can’t even get into the river without a footwear as my feet are made tender without any exposure to natural elements.

Dr. Isaac highlights some remarkable benefits of walking barefoot such as increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep.

“Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand (meaning: any natural surface). So we’ll have to get off the sidewalk. Early studies are showing that the health benefits come from the relationship between our bodies and the electrons in the earth. The planet has its own natural charge, and we seem to do better when we’re in direct contact with it.”

The neighbor suggested making a sidewalk in our residential complex which is a great idea. A stretch, adjacent to the cemented on with grass, sand and even pebbles then would be a luxury for the residents to connect to earth and derive the benefits.

Walking Barefoot! The Surprising Health Benefits

Some Learning Experiences: Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting works. I lost 10 pounds in about 50 days on it. More significantly, there’s change to the waist area and signs of a V shape forming.

I follow the 16.8 format with fasting starting with dinner and ending with lunch next day.

What I do is to have a good lunch after 16 hours of clean fasting of just water and not even black coffee.

If I have to control something, it’s the binging on my favourite sweet items after lunch. But then, one needs to have good things in life.

The tip I want to give here is the suggestion to have fruits and vegetables as dinner. These get digested faster and go out of the system in about 6 hours.

That leaves the balance 10 hours without calories from food for the body need of fuel. Then the reserve fat may get accessed for energy. That’s one sure way of getting rid of the visceral fat.

Light dinner of vegetables and fruits gives opportunity to innovate. The picture has my dinner last night.

Green mangoes, carrots, cucumber, apple, peanuts, raisins, kiwi, green chillies, virgin coconut oil, lemon juice, pepper powder, rock salt and a sprinkle of jaggery.

Add ready to eat, spicy and dried shrimp🦐 to this and it becomes a lovely meal. But it takes longer to digest.

Some Learning Experiences: Intermittent Fasting