Counting Day

I am here just over an hour before the start of the counting of votes in the Indian elections, the largest electoral process.

Like everybody, I do have my preferences as to who should win the elections. But I am not commenting on it here as it’s not the most important thing and we will know the results in a few hours.

There are so many things to talk about, some very good and some quite worrying, on this elections.

As a start the giant process, what could have been the biggest show so far, has been relegated to a subject of some ridicule by deciding to run it over some 40+ days.

Remember, this is an election supported with 100% electronic voting machines.

People take sides in a democratic election and fight it out bitterly for a win, but ideally not at the expense of individual relationships turning into strong animosity and hatred. The question is, can we get the innocence back!

Are perceptions of friendship marred by ridiculous exchanges on behalf of those who one can’t rely on later, based on history! Did it facilitate some permanent divide at an individual level!

Is the Fourth Estate stimulating and free in discharging their duty! Perhaps absolutely not. I am using the word absolutely as perceptions were rudely supported by a personal acquaintance whose brilliant coverage of an election event was rejected by the editor as there’s a management decision not to cover certain people positively. This is not a small institution, it’s very big.

I hope the winner will have the wisdom to heal the wounds and take the country forward as the largest true democracy. And of course to ensure that the mistakes are used as learning experiences for correction the next time.

Let the democracy win.

Counting Day