Herd Immunity! Just A View.

Herd immunity, I believe is a rather complicated phenomenon. And the experts are reluctant to give credit to it, where the virus cases decreased over a period of time.

Here’s an assumption of a phenomenon, something similar to herd immunity, that was observed in a journey by road covering three Indian states.

It started from one state where the mask was seen the norm, though many if not most were worn below the nose.

Entering the next state, it was difficult to find people with masks. The story my brother told me alludes to this.

His helper in Kerala from the neighbouring state, went home and returned saying that there’s no Covid in his home town as no one was wearing a mask.

Continuing the interstate journey, we entered Kerala. It’s complete, all with masks, without exception and there’s even masked police primarily enforcing the mask rule to the letter.

Herd immunity then! Well yes, the two states with much larger population are reporting decreasing new virus cases and in fact at a fraction of Kerala’s, where even the positivity rate is perhaps the highest.

Will herd immunity then is like the virus entering a healthy body, get attacked by the strong immunity, get weakened and enter another healthy body, to be weakened further and so on and on to be ineffective even inside a weak body.

Of course, we can’t abandon the good acclaimed practices and it’s strict enforcement. That’s why it’s only a view.

Herd Immunity! Just A View.

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

The world is fighting an epidemic and most of us have no clue as to how to manage it.

Wash your hands several times, social distancing, wear masks etc are precautions. Then there are lockdowns, quarantine, containment zones etc as imposed restrictions.

Herd immunity is something being spoken about. Let me start with what I imagined what it could be! (Caution: this has no scientific backing or verified results, just a figment of my imagination).

Healthy people get the virus. Their strong immune system attacks the virus and make it very weak or kill it. They in turn pass the weakened virus through contact to others. These transmitted viruses are weaker after being attacked by the strong immune humans. The transmitted weak virus gets resistance inside the new body.

This then become the norm and the virus is defeated. This is what I thought herd immunity is all about.

Look at the above Pinterest image. It’s telling something similar.

No blame on anyone who keep people away indoors. But did the lockdowns and quarantine work? Perhaps yes and perhaps no.

Then we’ve the Swedish model where the government just took the backseat and relied on people to take precautions on their own. No specific lockdown and least damage to economy and livelihood of people.

Now Sweden has the least bad news from the pandemic.

Not many want to experiment which could be termed as playing with people’s lives. But the need to survive is getting countries to unlock even before the vaccine.

There will be a spike, but results already show that the mortality rate is majorly down.

People may go bankrupt and die economically if not unlocked. If herd immunity is acquired in the process, it’s a blessing. Albeit, late!

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

Intermittent Fasting and Life Beyond Lockdown

This is my message today to our intermittent fasting group.

We are starting at the prospect of having to live with the Coronavirus lurking in around us! Some predictions such as ‘no international travel for 2 years, no holiday for a year, huge job loses etc’ may well be rumours, I hope.
There are so many things impacting personal life. Health, perhaps is the only happiness. We need to at least preserve it, knowing that gyms, swimming pools, play grounds and even walking tracks are going to be very restricted.
Months long lockdown have taught us new skills. Some of which we can further them with some imagination and efforts.
The dance for TikTok video may be modified to learning some of the fast paced Bollywood/ Tamil dances. A good way for aerobic workout.
You will be a star at dance parties when all these get over.
The cooking skills acquired could be fine tuned for healthy food with focus on fresh and plant based as far as possible.
And very importantly, do yoga. If you are new, do at least Pranayama (three times) and breathing exercises. Also do a 20 minute meditation. If interested I can send videos showing how to do Pranayama and breathing and on assisted meditation.
For us Intermittent fasters, we should not let go the benefits we have been enjoying.
Perhaps this is not the time to experiment new things. Let’s be careful not to try anything extreme if it’s new.
Weight loss is a big target to many of us. I have read that those obese are more vulnerable to viruses.
Two of the weight reduction methods are diet and intermittent fasting, both supplemented with some physical activity.
We have chosen the Intermittent fasting route and if we add the diet program of sensible eating during eating window, the results could accelerate. This could be low carb, medium protein and high natural fat (preferably plant based protein and fat).
I would recommend watching the Netflix program ‘Game Changers’.
On Intermittent Fasting, let’s try and make it clean fasting for 16 hours. Those who can may extend to 17 or 18 hours. That’s when autophagy and benefits such as cellular repair take place. However, let’s not rush into 24 hour fasting etc now, if new to it.
We have seen so many expert commentaries that IF would boost immunity. One of them gave a simple example that our immune system will not be overworked fighting food based bacteria when we fast, as there’s no food intake. And the rested fighters will be more effective to combat viruses.
Last item for discussion today is diabetic and IF. I am a beneficiary of lower glucose readings and reduction in medicine intake to half, as a result of IF.
A recent discussion with a medical director was an eye opener. There are two high level dangers for diabetic in doing prolonged fasting. Hypoglycaemia and Ketoacidosis.
I would suggest, those of us on diabetic meditation ( tablets only) please send me a message and I will share more on the discussion with the good doctor.
If there’s anyone taking insulin, please contact your doctor and discuss fasting.
Intermittent Fasting is being promoted as perhaps the best for controlling diabetes. If so, we should not be denying the opportunity to the affected people. But with sufficient precautions and checks that the doctor friend alluded to.

Intermittent Fasting and Life Beyond Lockdown

Intermittent Fasting Boost Immune System.

I am mentoring a small group of intermittent fasters and I am attaching my today’s communication to the group.

The reason I am writing on it here, is because of the studies on Intermittent Fasting which boost immune systems which would be a defence against the virus.

Though Corona Virus is new for any detailed research, the limited animal (rat) trials and expert analysis point out to the prospect that intermittent fasting helps people to become bad hosts to the virus.

This is all the more important now, that the lockdown restrictions are likely to be relaxed to save economies. Intermittent Fasting could be an additional tool to social distancing and washing hands.

Please take time to read our group message and the valuable video attached here. I am also attaching the previous video to the group. Dr. Nick Zyrowski and Dr. Mindy Pelz are renowned experts and it’s worthwhile to subscribe to their YouTube videos.

If anyone wants to join our broadcast group (individual privacy is taken care of with broadcast group and I as group mentor only have a global view), please send a whatsapp to my whatsapp number +91 9400056031.

My Broadcast on Intermittent Fasting:
Hello everyone, it’s lockdown time for most of us. The temptation to go lax on fasting is high.
But hold on! There has always been evidence that intermittent fasting boosts immune system and accelerate T-cell production.
Though new, there are animal trials and expert simulations on the impact of IF on corona virus. And it’s all pointing out to the benefits.
The lockdown is likely to ease as governments are to consider economy also. And then it’s more important to defeat the lurking virus threat through the good practices like social distancing, washing hands etc.
Dr. Mindy Pelz in the video here and Dr. Nick Zyrowski in the earlier video are firmly advocating Intermittent fasting to become bad hosts for the terrible virus.
Dr. Mindy suggests three fasting types. 1. 13-15 hours 2. 17 hours plus and 3. Dinner to dinner or one meal a day.
If you want a recommendation I would suggest 17 to 18 hours.
And my own plan is as follows:
Do a 13 hour fast on one day in a week. I call it ‘no fast day’.
Do 17-18 hours fast five days in a week.
And do a 24 hour fast once in a week.
I have to convert one of my 17 hour fast to 24 hour one now.
I hope it’s not inappropriate to point out that poorer countries are less affected by the virus spread. If so, a reason could be that by eating less and less frequently, they have acquired the immunity.
So people, take this seriously and get more focused on IF. If you’ve slowed down or stopped IF, please please get seriously back.
And watch/ listen to this video very carefully.

Intermittent Fasting Boost Immune System.