Workout Well and Think Hard.

I learn most from my young friends and it’s one of them, a Harvard trained medical research student, who introduced to me how the brain exercise compliment overall fitness.

I have been contemplating on regulating my workout schedule to stay fit, train for the next level in swimming competition and become a worthy fitness consultant, when the new dimension comes into attention. Exercise the brain by thinking hard.

While the planned workout schedule of yoga, swimming and weights could border extreme workout at my age, I am a novice when it comes to challenging the brain.

That’s I avoid crossword puzzles, complex maths, chess, riddles and even scrabble. The same young friend introduced ‘Dopamine’ to me sometime back and I let it pass thinking it’s complex.

My thought process and thus any brain challenge is like that of an idiot. Now I have to think how to change it. And it’s complex and hard. Perhaps that’s just the beginning of challenging the brain.

I can feel the brain is in attention and what’s required, perhaps, is to pursue the thinking process though difficult and very hard.

Yes, think hard!

Workout Well and Think Hard.

Age, Ageing and Being Masters!

Long Road to Six Packs!

‘Learn to age gracefully’ was an uninvited comment when there was a discussion on my pettiness to hide my age.

That was a challenge. And I decided to take it up. Luckily I didn’t choose to be resigned to the natural process. I decided to challenge it a bit.

Intermittent fasting has been the proverbial ‘paradigm shift’. And I plunged on sincerely. It works.

Perhaps another important factor is my ability to interact comfortably with any age group, particularly with the very young. It’s actually a revelation, you get to learn many things from the youth and it’s marvellous.

Being physically fit is a dream. We say ‘happiness is……… (many things)! What if ‘happiness is when you look at the bathroom mirror’!

That’s when the six packs become important. It’s harder when you are older. But perhaps not impossible.

I always remember my teenage dream of acquiring six packs, shave the head and walk around in black tight T-shirt. The hair part is done, and I learned shaving off the bits left. The mission is to get the other and of course the T-shirt is on sale.

Oh, I started with ageing gracefully. Masters Games is the answer. Now I can be better in my age group and feel happy with the number in age.

Happy to be the Master Games Medalist, Fitness Consultant aspiring to wear a six pack.

Age, Ageing and Being Masters!