Happy Anniversary in WordPress.

I am excited to get this anniversary message from WordPress.

I have posted 1260 posts in these five years. With 1740 registered as followers and millions who can view the posts, it’s such a vast platform to express freely and communicate.

I need to give more importance to this platform in the coming years and spend more time here in the wonderful community.

Thank you everyone for being part of this journey

Happy Anniversary in WordPress.

Blogging Is Special!

I have posted 1078 blogs

I got 54879 views from 27439 people

I got 25708 likes

8079 took time to comment

And most important my viewers are from 97 countries.

These statistics definitely make blogging special. Blogging is particularly good for someone like me who can’t get to writing a book.

One can blog on anything, and there need not be a control on who reads the posts.

I personally know only very few of these people reading my posts, but there’s a connection, as if we know each other very well.

It’s a very good feeling.

So keep blogging and all are invited.

Blogging Is Special!