Bhapa Doi/ Steamed Yogurt Pudding

From the name it’s a Bengali delicacy and I got the recipe from ‘Yiutuber Zaikastreet’

A friend of mine suggested a name for my culinary interest as ‘alternate healthy gourmet cuisine’.

Interestingly the major change here is suggested by Zaikastreet itself when she told me to use jaggery instead of a rich original ingredient.

So there’s an option to make it my way or better the original way for which I am giving the link below with recommendation to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

I took half a litre of fresh yogurt. Ideally it should be hung yogurt where all the water have drained out. Just that I strained off the water.

Whip the yogurt with an egg beater. Add boiled and cooled milk and whip nicely. Add just enough milk and see that it’s not very watery.

Condensed milk is the ideal ingredient. But the healthy change suggestion is to use jaggery powder and I added it. Palm jaggery is the right choice.

Mix again with a tea spoon of cardamom powder. Add some crushed almonds, pistachio and kismiss. Mix well.

Since it’s not hung yogurt and the condensed milk was avoided, it may be watery. Add one and half teaspoon of agar agar so that it will be thickened.

Pour into a container which is greased inside so that the contents will come out easily. Cover well with tin foil and steam for about 25 minutes.

When cooled down to room temperature, cover with thin foil and refrigerate for 4 to 5 hours.

Transfer the contents upside down into a plate. The pudding is ready to enjoy.

See original recipe and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Bhapa Doi/ Steamed Yogurt Pudding